Conscious Beauty: Innovating the local beauty industry with Luxx Lash

Luxx Lash is a Filipino beauty brand committed to becoming the go-to lash expert for Asians worldwide. Embiggen helped LuxxVentures Inc. explore the sustainable beauty space to help them become a leading sustainable beauty industry player. 


Creating a deep purpose for Luxx Lash by developing innovative solutions for shared values with customers.

Founded in 2018, Luxx has created products that provide a simplified make-up routine experience through their magnetic lashes and other innovative products. Luxx aspires to be an enabler in premium, cruelty-free, and sustainable beauty solutions in Asia that would empower individuals to make decisions beneficial for both people and the planet. Through Luxx, customers are able to practice conscious beauty that goes beyond.

Although they have been keen to embrace sustainable practices within their business model, Luxx seeks to strengthen this further by finding more effective and innovative solutions to further integrate sustainability in the different parts of the business.

LuxxVentures Inc. decided to engage with Embiggen to explore the complex sustainable beauty space and strategize on the clear directions and next steps for the company.

Our Solution

Business Model Innovation & Strategy for Sustainability

Embiggen Consulting used our proprietary methodology and strategy-building methods in the international beauty and retail industry to develop a program to guide LuxxVentures Inc. in innovating and embedding sustainability in the company.

The project team utilized an innovation strategy to determine what and why customers value sustainable practices by analyzing current trends in the market – from sustainability and environment to eco-friendly beauty and social values. Through our proprietary methodology and insights of the market observation, the team created a customer behavior research report that Luxx can use to reassess its business model.


  1. Mapping strategic innovation opportunities for sustainability
  2. Business Model innovation strategy
  3. Business Model Innovation minimum viable execution case

The outcome has led to Luxx having a deeper understanding of what their next steps are in implementing and integrating sustainability into their business model.

Our partnership has led to Luxx having a deeper understanding of how they can begin their journey towards sustainability, allowing them to work towards becoming a purpose-led brand that they envision to be — for people and the planet.