Level up your
capabilities in foresight
and innovation.

Harness your innovation and foresight capabilities to develop or improve
existing products, services, and technology.

Instill an innovative corporate culture in your organization and make you and
your company more competitive than the rest through our world-class
innovation and intrapreneurship learning programs delivered by
internationally-recognized leaders and expert mentors.

Why take these

Learn innovation by doing innovation.

Embiggen uses a practical learning approach where are learners learn by executing their learnings in actual projects.

Gain access to our exclusive network
of innovators and proprietary set of
innovation tools and methodologies.

We provide our learners an edge in innovation through  our proven innovation tools, methodologies and strategies to make them and their organization more competitive.

We are the leading provider of innovation education and learning.

Our instructors are globally-recognized and experienced innovators who have built innovative organizations and initiatives for governments, non-profits, and establish corporations internationally.

Become an innovation

Upskill you and your organization to survive and thrive in today’s fast-paced world.

Develop you and your organization’s innovation culture and capacity to innovate.

Equip you and your people with the right tools, mindset, and skills they need to successfully execute your organization’s innovation initiatives.

This is for you if you are

A top corporation

Intrapreneurs and

Business leaders from
different industries

Managers, supervisors,
and trainees

Our students come from the following

Our programs

"Learn by doing" and get innovation certified with the internationally-recognized Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) Innovation Certification Program.

We aim to harness the innovative potential of your organization and transform to become more competitive in growing markets.

Build your innovation capability.

Unleash maximum innovation performance through an practice-based and hands-on innovation acceleration program.

Let us help you grow.

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