Embiggen Bootcamps

A comprehensive 3-day program that will build your team’s capability to innovate and jumpstart your innovation journey.

Get quick results on innovating within your organizations through our short action-based crash course of the accelerator  program. Learn more about corporate innovation and how to manage change internally through our bootcamps.

How will this benefit my organization?

Develop an innovation-driven environment and culture within your organization that will consistently create new value for your shareholders.

Maintain your relevance and significance in the ever-changing market.

Design better strategies to ensure your organization’s survival in the long-run by gaining a deeper understanding of innovation and foresight.

Train people who will be capable of contributing to your organization's growth through well managed innovation initiatives.

Ensure that no effort is wasted and that your organization is innovating in the right places and toward the right goals.

These barriers are
meant to be broken.
We can help.

Have the need to upskill the innovation capability of your team

Lacking innovative culture

Seeing innovation as irrelevant

Producing unlocalized solution

Lacking a team of innovators

This is for you if you are

A top conglomerate

Intrapreneurs and

Business leaders from different

Managers, supervisors,
and trainees

Bootcamp Modules

Mix and match the following modules to suit your company's needs.
3 and a half day sessions

Starts at $6,000 per module

Corporate Innovation and Intrapreneurship

Train your organization’s very own intrapreneurs who are ready to generate new disruptive ideas. Intrapreneurs are an important part of any organization. They are the leaders who pitch new disruptive and innovative ideas for products and services that your organization can create. Our experts will help your organization train intrapreneurs to ensure your organization stays ahead.

At the end of this module, your team will understand key innovation frameworks to design new business models.

Strategic Foresight

Equip your senior leaders with vital strategic foresight and futures thinking knowledge and skills that will help them produce stronger strategic plans for your business. Strengthen your strategic planning and decision making processes by consistently exploring how the future might unfold. These skills will allow your team to make the decisions to achieve your business’ desired future.

At the end of this module, your team will be able to uncover opportunities for innovation, impact, and sustainability and be able to apply futures thinking your business.

Innovation Leadership

Equip your organization’s leaders with the skills and tools necessary to lead innovation projects. Our experts, with decades of experience in leading innovation initiatives, will share their knowledge with your organization’s leaders to train leaders who are ready to successfully lead innovation projects to completion.

At the end of this module, your team will have an innovative and forward-looking mindset that will allow them to identify and create tactical and long term opportunities.

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