Global Innovation Management
Institute (GIMI) Innovation
Certification Program

"Learn by doing" and get innovation-certified with the internationally-
recognized Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) Innovation
Certification Program.

A globally recognized innovation certificate.

Master innovation and managing innovation in the workforce by gaining a deeper understanding of innovation frameworks, tools, and techniques.

The Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) is the worldwide standard certification body for innovation and innovation management. Embiggen is the exclusive certified training partner of GIMI in the Philippines.

Why get innovation 

Gain access to exclusive innovation theories, tools and methodologies that will allow you to innovate better than the rest.

Understand the importance of having innovators in the workplace and take your business’ strategies to the next level.

Become part of GIMI’s network and become connected to at least 15,000 GIMI-certified innovators and 800 organizations.

These barriers are
meant to be broken.
We can help.

Has business stagnation

Is losing market share to competitors

Is producing unlocalized solutions

Is failing productivity and efficiency

Is lacking of innovators within an organization

Has limited support provided by companies to innovate

Has declining revenue and income due to disruption

Is lacking innovative culture

Understand the latest innovation frameworks, skills, and techniques

Business cases and actionable projects

These barriers are
meant to be broken.
We can help.

This is for you if you are

A top conglomerate

An emerging

A high net worth

Your Journey

*6 Weeks/Level

Level 1 $900

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Our students come from the following

Meet our alumni

Yanna Estrellado

Student, Ateneo de Manila University

“I really learned a lot about innovation and how it could be applied outside of college. When I had my business classes in college, they mostly taught theories and frameworks but I didn’t know the practical application of them. But in the GIMI program, I was able to learn even more and I saw how they could be applied in different industries. It was a really big eye-opener to me and I really learned a lot.”

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