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What is Venture

Venture Capital-as-a-Service (VCaaS) is a powerful innovation model where companies outsource their venture capital activities to more experienced third-party service providers. It has allowed corporations to meet their growth goals by strategically investing their resources in promising start-ups together with external venture capital experts.

How will this benefit my

Grow and maintain your resources

Maintain your relevance and significance in the market

Create new revenue streams and build a diversified portfolio by investing in disruptive startups.

Develop an innovation-driven environment and culture within your organization by learning agile ways of doing things.

Design better strategies to future-proof your organization by gaining a deeper understanding of the rapidly changing market.

These barriers are
meant to be broken.

We can help.

Declining revenues

Fearing that your core product/service today will not be your main revenue-maker in the future

Lacking the knowledge and skills needed to invest with startups wisely

Lacking in-house innovators and entrepreneurs in your organization

Fearing missing out on opportunities

Unutilized or untapped resources that could be growing your organization

Attain your next core business through investing in transformational startups

Expand into new sectors and discover diverse industry verticals

Future-proof your organization by guided investments in novel and innovative ventures

These barriers are
meant to be broken.
We can help.

Venture Capital-as-a-Service is for you if you are

A top conglomerate

An emerging conglomerate

A high net worth individual

Your VCaaS journey

*Customizable Schedule

Deal Flow

Secure principal interest for potential deals.

Comprehensive Due Diligence

Extensively vet startups and potential investment deals.

Investment Strategy

Develop your investment aims and goals.

Initial Due Diligence

Identify potential deals.


Agree on the terms of the deal.


Sign the deal and invest.

Portfolio Management

Maintain oversight, provide assistance and encourage growth.


Grow the new venture and expand into new markets.

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