Post Graduate Diploma in
Corporate Innovation & Digital

We aim to harness the innovative potential of your organization and
transform to become more competitive in growing markets.

Learn more about innovation, and innovation management to drive your organization to survive and be more competitive in today's uncertain and rapidly changing world with our world-class faculty.

Embiggen conducts the Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Innovation & Digital Leadership program in partnership with the Asian Institute of Management (AIM).

Why should I take this

Learn the essentials of corporate innovation and intrapreneurship to execute innovation and intrapreneurship initiatives.

Gain a holistic perspective on corporate innovation through Action Learning Methodology

Generate new and disruptive ideas that your organizations can adapt into products and solutions

Become one of AIM and Embiggen's alumni - a prestigious group of leading business executives and innovation experts

These barriers are
meant to be broken.
We can help.

Has business stagnation

Is failing productivity and efficiency

Is lacking innovative culture

Is seeing innovation as irrelevant

Is lacking innovators within an organization

Is producing unlocalized solutions

Has declining revenue and income due to disruption

Corporation Innovation Process Basics

Value Proposition Design

Business Model Design

Designing and De-risking Innovation Experiments

Pitching Innovation Projects

You will learn this...

This is for you if you are

A top conglomerate

Intrapreneurs and

Business leaders from
different industries

Managers, supervisors,
and trainees

Your journey

*2 Weeks (Level 1)

Level 1$500

Foundations of Corporate Digital Innovation and Intrapreneurship

Learn the essentials of corporate innovation and entrepreneurship to initiate your organization's innovation projects.

Certificate in Corporate Innovation Systems Design and Growth Strategy

Design and implement the most effective innovation process and strategy to capture new growth for your organization.

Certificate in Corporate Foresight

Learn how to leverage futures thinking and strategic foresight to unlock business value for your organization.

Certificate in Digital Transformation

Understand how to build new digital products and initiate the digital transformation strategies of your organization.

Certificate In Corporate Innovation Management & Leadership (for C-Suite)

Lead your organization for the next industry disruption.

Capstone Project and Silicon Valley Immersion Trip

Culminate your learning journey with a mentored capstone project and a Silicon Valley immersion trip.

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