Corporate Venture Accelerator Program

Unleash maximum innovation performance through an practice-based
and hands-on innovation acceleration program.

Helping you build an enterprise innovation culture through actionable innovation projects, optimize innovation performance and build innovation culture.

Discover innovation opportunities for your company and design appropriate products, services, or technologies that pushes your company to be more competitive than the rest. Build an innovation culture that encompasses the whole enterprise through applied entrepreneurship.

Why should I take this

Create additional revenue streams that would strengthen your core business

Explore new markets, products, and services close to the core business

Create a full pipeline of innovation ideas that will drive sustainable growth

These barriers are
meant to be broken.
We can help.

Have the need to upskill the innovation capability of your team

Lacking innovative culture

Seeing innovation as irrelevant

Producing unlocalized solutions

Lacking a team of innovators

Clear, specific, and viable innovation opportunities

Lean Business Model built from learnings in the Design Stage

Prototypes and a Minimum Viable Product

Actionable Innovation Projects produced with the mentorship and advisory of our expert team

You will learn...

This is for you if you are

A top conglomerate

Your Journey

*34 weeks

Innovation Bootcamp

Learn the foundational tools needed to discover new value propositions and business models to build new meaningful growth

Equip your employees with the latest knowledge on corporate innovation, business modeling, and value proposition design


Produce hands-on and action-based projects, applying the innovation tactics learned from the Discover Stage

Construct clear innovation opportunities, create a business model, and design prototypes for a minimum viable product


Receive expert guidance, mentorship, and advise from a team of distinguished professionals during the execution process

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