Stimulate new growth through venture building.

We take opportunities and turn them into new value and growth for your business.

What is
venture building?

Corporate venture building (CVB) is a proven innovation strategy that builds new revenue streams and stimulates new growth in organizations. Under CVB, organizations tap into growth opportunities within their core business or outside it. The process always creates new value for the shareholders of an organization – whether that’s a new idea, brand, product, or business.

You’ll always come out of the venture building process with new value. 

Problems converted into growth opportunities

New markets expanded into

Market share gained

Increased revenue

Long-term stretch goals reached

New exponential growth stimulated

These barriers are
meant to be broken.
We can help.

Lacking in-house innovatiors and entrapreneurs in your organization

Fearing that your core product/service today will not be your main revenue-maker in the future

Fearing missing out on opportunities

Lacking the knowledge and skills needed to build new ventures

Discover your next core business through creating new innovations

Diversify your organization through gaining additional revenue streams

Unlock new markets to capitalize on previously unexplored ventures

Create your venture portfolio

Access in creating your own tech conglomerate

These barriers are
meant to be broken.
We can help.

Venture building is for you if you are:

A top conglomerate

Medium or large business

A high net worth individual

Our 4-phase methodology de-risks the venture building process.

Together with our team of serial entrepreneurs and seasoned business leaders.

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Identify a problem worth solving that you have the capability to solve


Ideate and design solutions to the problem.


Create a prototype of the solution and test it in the market. Then iterate, iterate, iterate.


Grow the new venture and expand into new markets.

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