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Mentorship from the country’s leading corporate innovation and strategic foresight leaders


Exposure to the latest corporate innovation and futures thinking insights and events


Conduct impactful work by building innovation capacity in emerging markets like the Philippines


Networking with the Philippines’ CEOs, innovation directors and global management academics

Our Values

Value to Customers and Society

Imagination & Play



Learning & Curiosity

Cathedral Building

Meet the Team

We are a corporate innovation and corporate foresight powerhouse.


"I take pride in being able to learn the ropes of my new job function even if I did not have formal training in business and in consulting."

Patricia De Leon

Innovation Consultant & COSMOS

"I joined Embiggen because  I resonated with what they stand for which was innovation. I wanted to also grow as a person through trying new opportunities."

Anton Garcia

Special Programs Associate

"I learned so much in my time at Embiggen. I gained more experience working with clients and learning the best practices in delivering output.."

Geoffrey Tan

Research Associate

"While I have only been at Embiggen for a few months, I feel very much a part of the team and I am proud whenever the team reaches a new milestone."

Jaimee Correos

Business Development Associate

Team Activities

Monthly Team Socials Night

Every month, we organize a laid-back gathering of the Embiggen Team where everyone gets to know each other better and strengthen the team’s relationship with each other.

Ask Me Anything

The Embiggen team gets an opportunity from our ‘resident experts’ with a wide range of topics like innovation, marketing, the blockchain and more.

The Journal Club

The Journal Club is a space for our team to share the latest innovation news and studies we find and to learn from each other’s insights.

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