Corporate Foresight Strategy

Future-proof your organization and position your organization for long-term success.

Develop your in-house corporate foresight strategy.

Prepare for the future by developing your organization’s own corporate foresight strategy. Develop your organization’s ability to identify, anticipate, and respond to changes in the future. Together with our experts, we’ll help you build your internal foresight capability linked to strategy development and innovation in your organization. Establish processes that can help your organization scan for signals of change and use them to your advantage.

How will this help my business?

Deliver sustainable results in the long-term

We use Foresight to spark and ignite innovation in your organization. Expect results that will open your mind to new ways of thinking about your company’s opportunities and risks. Achieve short-term results that are anchored in the long-term success of your organization.

Create a forward-looking organization

Depending on the needs and context of your organization, we can help you build your Foresight capability and develop a future-oriented culture that is adaptive, flexible and resilient.

Embed foresight into your innovation process

Foresight ensures that you are more than just a one-hit wonder. With Foresight, you can have a systematic approach to identifying new products and services, and developing business models fit for the future.


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Marrione Camacho
Business Development Lead, Management