Foresight-Driven Strategic Planning

Enrich your strategic planning with Foresight and get to the future ahead of your competition.

Future-proof your strategies.

Although trends are important, to craft one’s strategies just based on what’s already happening today is probably too late. Given the pace of change, organization’s must be able to identify weak signals and emerging issues even before they become a trend.

We can help your company develop strategies based on future scenarios through scenario development and planning.  We can also invigorate your environmental scanning approach to include weak signals, horizon scanning and emerging issues analysis.

How will this help my business?

Develop adaptive strategies

Pressure-test strategies in various possible scenarios to enhance the strategic capability of your organization

Think beyond your industry

Identify signals and emerging issues outside of your industry that may have a significant impact to your business in the future

Create long-term sustainable competitive advantage

Get to the future earlier than your competitors and set the pace for the rest of your industry


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Marrione Camacho
Business Development Lead, Management