Corporate Venture Building: The Next Era of Corporate Innovation

Corporate Venture Building: The Next Era of Corporate Innovation White Paper

The Embiggen Group released the white paper entitled Corporate Venture Building: The Next Era of Corporate Innovation last February 20, 2023.

The white paper explains the power of corporate venture building as an organic growth strategy that empowers corporations to capture exponential long-term growth.

“Mergers & acquisitions, venture capital and corporate venture building all involve a significant investment from a venturing organization. But historically, corporate venture building has provided greater returns than M&A and venture capital. This is what makes venture building the most efficient choice amongst the three growth strategies,” said Rolan Marco Garcia, Embiggen Founding CEO & Managing Partner.

Also known as new business building, corporate venture building (CVB) is an innovation strategy where corporations build new ventures in markets and industries that their core business doesn't currently operate in or serve.

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Newly built ventures create new revenue streams for an organization while operating independently of the core business. They also allow corporations to access untapped markets, cater to consumers’ unsolved problems, and diversify their offerings. 

“Research has shown that corporate-backed and built startups have a one in eight chance of succeeding. This success rate is significantly greater than the one in five hundred success rate of typical startups,” said Garcia.

CVB owes this success rate to the combination of the vast resources, highly skilled talent, and wide network that corporations possess with the agile mindset of startups.

The white paper goes into more detail about the rationale for diving into CVB and the other benefits CVB brings to corporations.

Embiggen Founding CEO & Managing Partner Rolan Marco Garcia wrote the white paper.

Embiggen Business Development Head Marrione Camacho, Business Development Officer Ignacio Herrera, Content Lead Jacob Reyes, and Graphic Designer Samantha Geronimo contributed to the paper.

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About the Author of the White Paper

Rolan Marco Garcia is the Founding CEO & Managing Partner of the Embiggen Group - a corporate venturing group that partners with groundbreaking organizations to build, scale, and invest in new digital ventures at startup speed.

He has over a decade of combined experience innovating with the largest conglomerates in the Asia-Pacific and advising CEOs, boards, top executives, and embassies worldwide. Embiggen, one of South East Asia’s first external venture builders, has innovated with dozens of change-making organizations including Telstra, Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Toby’s Sports, Ginebra San Miguel, the Department of Foreign Affairs, and the Embassy of Finland in Manila to name a few. He is a recognized innovation consultant by the Global Innovation Management  Institute (GIMI) - the worldwide innovation standard certification body -  and is a member of their global think tank. Embiggen is the exclusive certified training partner of GIMI in the Philippines.

For his work in generating new innovation-led growth with organizations, the Asia CEO Awards recognized him as part of the Circles of Excellence for the Young Leader of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year awards in 2022. In 2021, he won the Winter IXL Innovation Olympics world championship - the largest and most prestigious innovation consulting competition in the world - besting the teams of top business schools like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yale University. 

As the preeminent innovation expert in the Philippines, Rolan has trained over 1000 professionals in the practice of innovation. He founded the Embiggen Innovation Institute, the group’s capacity-building arm for innovation. Rolan is also an Adjunct Professor and Program Director of the Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Innovation & Digital Leadership at the Asian Institute of Management. He is also concurrently the Chief Innovation Officer of the Far Eastern University (FEU) Institute of Technology and is the Managing Director of the FEU Tech Innovation Center. As a serial entrepreneur, he has founded tech startups, been a mentor for tech founders, and sits on the advisory board of tech startups. 

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Embiggen is a corporate venturing group that partners with groundbreaking organizations to build, scale, and invest in new digital ventures at startup speed through corporate venture building (CVB) and venture capital-as-a-service (VCaaS).

It was created on the belief that innovation is the solution to the world’s most pressing problems including inaccessible healthcare, widening education gaps, and water scarcity. By leveraging corporates' deep expertise and resources with startup agility and speed, Embiggen builds new digital futures and disrupts industries.

Since the start of its operations in 2020, Embiggen has grown into a full-service hub for the innovation capability development and innovation execution needs of organizations. Our full suite of innovation services allows us to build innovation capabilities from the ground up: from training teams in innovation theory all the way to co-executing their innovation initiatives by building new innovative ventures.

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