Axios’ Smart Brevity is a non-tech solution that innovated the way people write and communicate. This article will show you a little bit of what it looks like.

Non-Tech Innovations: Axios Smart Brevity

Axios’ Smart Brevity is a non-tech solution that innovated the way people write and communicate. This article will show you a little bit of what it looks like.

The problem: Sometimes when we write, our output tends to be wordy and hard to read. Needless to say, this leads to disinterested and disengaged audiences.

  • This is why writers turn to AI and tech-enabled writing aids like Grammarly and QuillBot.
  • These tech innovations help writers communicate their message clearly and effectively. 
  • The writing aids also chop down the time people take to edit their work.

While these solutions are incredibly helpful, these tools usually just focus on your writing style, tone, word choice, and grammar.

There are more tools you can add to your writing arsenal that can help you deliver your message clearer and better – whether you’re a startup founder making pitch decks, a freelance writer writing articles, or even a student writing essays. 

Another solution: The Axios Smart Brevity communication formula is a non-tech solution that can help you write better, clearer, and more concisely.

  • Besides writing style, tone, word choice, and grammar, Smart Brevity also focuses on the way your format your writing, the time it takes to read your content, and the way you highlight important information.
  • For example, it breaks down long hard-to-read paragraphs, into concise and easy-to-read bullet points.
  • This helps you highlight information that answers “what’s new” — or significant information that your audience needs to know and “why it matters” — or how the information impacts them.
Sample communication that was distilled by Smart Brevity. Screenshots: Axios

So why does this solution matter: It helps companies, writers, students, and more communicate their messages concisely and in an easy-to-understand manner.

  • The bullet points, concise sentences, and highlighted phrases result in easily scannable content that readers can fully understand.
  • Importantly, it cuts out the clutter which helps you and your readers focus on what matters.
  • It helps you effectively communicate important information which lessens the time it takes for your audience to read and digest your content.
  • It also increases their interest and engagement with your content — whether these are memos sent to your employees, emails sent to clients, pitch decks presented to investors, and blog posts read by your audience.

In a world full of startups that create tech and AI-enabled products and services, Axios was able to build its non-tech solution Smart Brevity into a business.  

Here’s how it was made into a business: The media company integrated Smart Brevity into their AI-powered communication tool, Axios HQ, to help companies communicate more effectively. 

According to the company, over 400 organizations around the world like JP Morgan Chase, Walmart, and BP use the platform to write communication materials and measure their audience’s engagement with their communications.

Axios’ news arm also uses the Smart Brevity format to deliver high-quality and impartial reporting on global news including politics, international relations, social issues, and more. It boasted over 10 million unique monthly visitors and 3.5 million newsletter subscribers in 2022.

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