Embiggen hosts a brand new space for Philippine innovators to learn, interact, and network

Filipino innovators participated in the Embiggen Innovation Institute’s first-ever innovation networking event in Makati City last July 9, 2022.

The ‘Bottoms Up!’ networking event was envisioned by Cherrie Magbanua, Embiggen Innovation Institute Business Development Head, as a space for innovators to interact and share ideas outside the office and classroom.

“A space to discuss ideas and impart opportunities is a good start if we wish to push the growth of the innovation ecosystem in the country,” Magbanua said.

As one of the premier innovation education and learning organizations in the Philippines, the Embiggen Innovation Institute is dedicated to developing the innovation ecosystem in the country through its world-class learning programs and events.

“Embiggen, with our active efforts to provide these learning and training opportunities to our partners and anyone who would like to know more about innovation, would like to be at the helm of stimulating our innovation ecosystem to the next level,” Magbanua added.

World-class innovation learning programs

The Embiggen Innovation Institute co-delivers learning programs with internationally-recognized top innovation and business schools. 

Embiggen is the exclusive certified training partner in the Philippines of the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI), a global nonprofit standard certification board for innovation and innovation management.

Through this partnership, innovators in the Philippines can now train under GIMI’s world-class innovation certification program. GIMI’s programs equip students with proven innovation knowledge, tools, methodologies, and strategies. 

Over 10,000 innovators internationally have mastered innovation through GIMI’s certification programs, including those from Pfizer, HSBC, and the Ayala Corporation.

Embiggen also co-delivers the Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Innovation & Digital Leadership as a partner of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), one of Asia’s leading business schools. 

It is the flagship foundational non-degree digital transformation program of AIM which trains students to manage and lead their organization’s innovation and digital transformation programs.

Beyond individual certifications and non-degree programs, Embiggen also delivers shorter-form innovation bootcamps for organizations aiming to train their workforce to become innovators and intrapreneurs.

Each bootcamp program is customized to the needs of each client and typically covers the basics of corporate innovation, innovation management, innovation leadership, and corporate entrepreneurship.

Learners from all the programs graduate with the skills they need to develop quality innovation ideas and manage innovation initiatives.

Their learning, however, does not stop there. Embiggen’s events are an opportunity for learners to continue learning about innovation and corporate entrepreneurship.

“While we are dedicated to teaching and developing the next generation of innovation leaders, we also want to ensure that we also pass around the mic and hear about what our participants and partners learned from us and for them to share their expertise,” Magbanua said. 

Future networking events

The Embiggen Innovation Institute’s networking events are open to all innovators, and anyone interested in innovation in the country.

These events are an avenue for continuous and collaborative innovation education for all students of the Embiggen Innovation Institute’s programs and members of Embiggen’s network.

“The Embiggen Innovation Institute would like to ensure that our partners and participants continue to be engaged even after completing our certification programs or bootcamps,” Magbanua said.

“We hope to hold consistent get-togethers and reach out to more innovators through these activities,” Magbanua added.

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