Embiggen Founding CEO & Managing Partner Rolan Marco Garcia delivers his masterclass on corporate innovation to the FAST group - FAST Logistics Group partners with Embiggen to build corporate innovation foundations

FAST Logistics Group partners with Embiggen to build corporate innovation foundations

The FAST Logistics Group, one of the Philippines’ largest and widest-reaching logistics firms, has partnered with the Embiggen Group to build its foundation in corporate innovation.

In the first part of the engagement, Embiggen trained 100 of the logistics firm’s executives, innovation project leaders, managers, and team members in the fundamentals of corporate innovation. 

The participants were also introduced to the various models of corporate innovation and examined successful corporate innovation case studies.

They were trained by Embiggen’s Founding CEO & Managing Partner Rolan Marco Garcia. Embiggen Innovation Institute Managing Director and Global Innovation Management Institute Innovation Master Masaki Mitsuhashi also trained the participants.

Building a foundation in corporate innovation is the first step in developing a company’s capability to innovate. A company cannot successfully execute innovation projects without first having a team with a holistic understanding of innovation.

FAST Logistics Group’s commitment to innovation paves the way to a bright and exciting future in the crucial logistics industry in the Philippines.

About the FAST Logistics Group

The FAST Logistics Group is one of the largest and widest-reaching Philippine logistics firms, with a nationwide network of transport, warehousing, distribution, and logistics solutions.

It serves customers from a wide range of industries including, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), pharmaceuticals, personal care, and small & medium enterprises (SME).

The company traces its roots to William Lines, one of the most profitable Filipino shipping lines in the 1970s. It eventually grew into the logistics, warehousing, distribution, car dealership, and realty spaces.

With its extensive background in logistics, FAST recognizes that the world is in a constant state of disruption. As such, the company is fully committed to innovating its offerings to provide the best value and service to its customers.

In 2022, it was recognized by the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Statista as one of the 2023 Best Employers in the Philippines.

Embiggen Group: Corporate venturing in emerging markets

Embiggen is a corporate venturing group that partners with groundbreaking organizations to build, scale, and invest in new digital ventures at startup speed through corporate venture building (CVB) and venture capital-as-a-service (VCaaS).

It was created on the belief that innovation is the solution to the world’s most pressing problems including inaccessible healthcare, widening education gaps, and water scarcity. By leveraging corporates’ deep expertise and resources with startup agility and speed, Embiggen builds new digital futures and disrupts industries.

Since the start of its operations in 2020, Embiggen has grown into a full-service hub for the innovation capability development and innovation execution needs of organizations.  Its full suite of innovation services allows us to build innovation capabilities from the ground up: from training teams in innovation theory all the way to co-executing their innovation initiatives by building new innovative ventures.

Learn more about the work Embiggen does here.