New cohort of Embiggen-GIMI innovators begin training to become innovation-certified

Embiggen began training a new cohort of innovators under the globally-recognized Global Innovation Management Institute innovation certification program last Saturday, August 27, 2022.

The 3rd cohort of Embiggen-trained innovators started their journey toward becoming a GIMI Certified Innovation Professional by joining the GIMI Level 1: Associate program.

At the end of the program, individuals who pass the Level 1 exam will be conferred the title of Innovation Associate.

GIMI has trained over 10,000 innovators worldwide, including those from companies like Pfizer, H&M, and the Ayala Corporation.

Embiggen is the exclusive Certified Training Partner of GIMI in the Philippines. 

Through the Embiggen Innovation Insitute’s various learning programs, Embiggen has trained over 1,000 individuals in innovation. These programs include GIMI’s innovation certifications, the Asian Institute of Management’s Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Innovation & Digital Leadership, and bespoke innovation bootcamps.

GIMI Level 1: Associate

Under this first level of the GIMI Certified Innovation Professional program, participants will be taught the fundamentals of innovation.

These include demystifying innovation, determining innovation intent, identifying business opportunities, learning about fields of play, and creating innovation concepts and business cases.

Having an innovation certification ensures that one stands out in the workforce. Gaining a GIMI certification signals that an individual has the skills and knowledge they need to successfully carry out innovation initiatives for corporations around the world.

This is possible through GIMI’s active learning framework, where learners instantly apply their newly gained knowledge in innovation projects. Participants, thus, come out of the program ready to innovate, even at Level 1.

Alongside these, successful participants will gain access to GIMI’s network of over 800 innovation-certified organizations and over 10,000 GIMI-certified innovators.

Interested? The next cohort of Embiggen-GIMI Level 1: Associate starts training in November 5, 2022. 

For more details, contact Embiggen Innovation Institute Managing Director Masaki Mitsuhashi at