Kyosei: Simplifying Patient Consultation Processes


Simplifying an unnecessarily tedious and repetitive health consultation process

Consulting with a doctor in the Philippines involves filling up multiple forms, which patients will have to fill up again the next time they have a consultation. It is an unnecessary burden on patients to repeatedly fill up these forms each time they visit their doctor. What if there’s one place where you can input all your information, which all your doctors can access even in future consultations?

Kyosei wants to address this. Kyosei is working to make these processes less repetitive and less time-consuming for patients who frequently visit their doctors through a patient-centric application.

Our Solution

Embiggen facilitated an Insight Exploration activity to help Kyosei ideate and design to develop their application. 

Following our methodology to develop innovative and disruptive ideas, we helped Kyosei realign its goals, clarify its vision and understand its customer’s needs. Throughout the session, we involved people who face the problem Kyosei is aiming to solve to ensure that the application design is truly patient-centric.

The team sketched and developed possible designs for the application solution based on the results of the previous steps. The primary feature of the design is to have one place where a patient’s medical history is stored, which can be accessed by all of the patient’s doctors. This feature eliminates the need to repeatedly fill up forms every time a patient visits their doctor.


At the end of the Insight Exploration activity, Kyosei was able to establish concrete plans to achieve the goals, customer characteristics, and key features they need to consider as they take their next steps in making the application a reality. Through this Insight Exploration activity, Kyosei was able to visualize and clarify their application concept. 

Now, Kyosei can pursue this concept to achieve its vision of a simpler health consultation process. They aim to launch the patient-centric application in the near future to make health consultations easier, less time-consuming, and less repetitive for patients.

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