Preparing for the post-pandemic business landscape


Navigating the new digital economy with ECCP

During the pandemic, innovation and digital technology have proven to be useful to organizations in continuing to do business. 

Corporations that didn’t embrace the need to digitally transform during the onset of the pandemic are currently at a disadvantage. With the new normal fast approaching, corporations need to ensure they continue to survive and thrive in the new digital environment that comes with it. 

The new digital economy will bring about new challenges, needs and expectations that corporations are not necessarily prepared for. The European Chamber of Commerce Philippines (ECCP) wanted to ensure that their partner organizations are prepared to take on the new normal. 

Our Solution

One year into the pandemic, the ECCP partnered with Embiggen to offer innovation and digital transformation training sessions to their member organizations. This bespoke training program tackled the following topics:

  1. Building an innovative corporate culture
  2. Creating digital transformations through innovation
  3. Embracing the future of digital entrepreneurship and innovation

These topics are crucial in making organizations more resilient to change and better in preparing for uncertainties that the new normal will bring. It allows them to better cater to the constantly changing business landscape and market behavior throughout the pandemic and beyond.

A key part of the program were the many open discussions where the participating heads and C-suites of ECCP member organizations were able to share their insights. This two-way learning process allowed participants to learn not just from the lecturers, but also from each other. 


Thriving in the new normal with ECCP

After the training program, ECCP and their member organizations are more prepared to face the new normal.  With the lessons learned in the program, the participating organizations can now initiate innovation and digital transformation initiatives that will help them thrive in tomorrow’s digital economy.

Do you want to prepare for the new digital economy and the post-pandemic business landscape? Schedule a call with our team to learn more about our bespoke innovation and digital transformation training programs