100% pass the recent Embiggen-GIMI innovation certification examination

All five participants from the First Gen-owned Energy Development Corporation passed the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) innovation certification exam conducted by Embiggen last June 11, 2022.

The participants, who now hold a Level 1: Associate innovation certification, form the second batch of Embiggen-trained GIMI-certified innovators. Earlier in 2022, five participants from the initial batch passed their GIMI certification exam.

They join a global network of over 10,000 innovation experts that have been certified by GIMI. They are now equipped with fundamental tried-and-tested innovation concepts, tools, and methodologies they can employ within their organization.

GIMI has previously certified innovators from leading international corporations including HSBC, Pfizer, and the Ayala Corporation.

GIMI Level 1: Associate innovation certification program

As the exclusive training partner of GIMI in the Philippines, Embiggen offers GIMI’s globally-recognized innovation certifications in the country.

The recent cohort of participants was tested on the innovation theories, concepts, tools, and methodologies they studied in the 6-week Level 1: Associate innovation certification program.

In the Level 1 program, participants are taught the basics of innovation by Embiggen’s GIMI innovation certified trainers. Participants gain access to GIMI’s tried-and-tested innovation theories and are trained to use the fundamental methodologies, tools, and techniques to generate innovative ideas.

The participants, now equipped with new knowledge, are expected to be capable of generating better ideas by identifying opportunities for innovation within their organization.

The participants from the Energy Development Corporation have now completed their first step toward receiving the GIMI Certified Innovation Professional certification.

Holding a Certified Innovation Professional certification serves as proof that one has completed the rigorous and prestigious GIMI innovation training program and distinguishes an innovator from the rest.

Energy Development Corporation: Renewable energy solutions

Renewable energy leader Energy Development Corporation (EDC) sent five employees to be trained and certified in innovation by Embiggen and GIMI.

The company contributes over 1,400 MW of clean, renewable, and affordable energy to the Philippine power grid through its extensive portfolio of geothermal, solar, hydroelectric, and wind plants.

EDC is well-known for its commitment to innovation. 

It recently conducted an open innovation program to commercialize innovative renewable energy solutions and build a culture of innovation within the organization.

Getting your company’s innovators certified by GIMI can de-risk and boost your organization’s innovation initiatives.

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