Embiggen recognized as one of the top Southeast Asian innovation management startups by BestStartup.Asia

Embiggen was recognized by BestStartup.Asia as one of the 53 top innovation management startups in Southeast Asia.

The list also includes Philippine-based fintech unicorn Voyager Innovations, and Standard Charter’s venture capital arm SC Ventures.

According to BestStartup.Asia, the companies on the list exhibited exceptional performance in innovation, growth, management or societal impact.

“These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Innovation Management industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow,” wrote Mark Fitz, author of the article at BestStartup.Asia.

Co-creating new value for organizations

Embiggen is a corporate venturing group that partners with groundbreaking organizations to build, scale, and invest in new digital ventures at startup speed.  

We have combined corporate leadership and startup experience under one roof. Our team members have worked with established corporations from around the world and have spearheaded the development of the startup ecosystem in the Philippines.

Since the start of its operations in 2020, Embiggen has rapidly grown into a full-service hub for the innovation capability development needs of organizations. 

Through our corporate venture building and venture capital-as-a-service arms Embiggen Digital Ventures and Embiggen Capital, we help organizations diversify and tap into new markets by building new disruptive ventures or investing in promising startups.

Beyond venturing, the Embiggen Innovation Institute trains professionals through innovation certification programs delivered in partnership with the prestigious Asian Institute of Management and the globally-recognized standard certification board for innovation and innovation management, the Global Innovation Management Institute.

Our unique approach to innovation intertwines futures thinking and strategic foresight with innovation management through Embiggen Foresight. Futures thinking and strategic foresight allows organizations to methodically identify, anticipate, and respond to the future before it happens. 

Innovation and futures thinking empowers organizations to sustainably grow well into the future.

Through our full-suite of innovation services and experienced team of successful innovation leaders, we can co-build your growth and future together.

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