AIM partners with Embiggen Consulting to co-deliver the Philippines’ first Digital Transformation Executive Program

AIM-Embiggen Innovation Executive Program

Asia’s digital economy will lead the way forward in the radical technological shift that will disrupt existing business models. How can today’s leaders effectively navigate their teams and organizations through this digital shift?

Great service offerings and new products can give businesses the start they need to reach pivotal milestones in solidifying their stamp in the market. However, ideas and products are not enough against large corporations that are equipped with the necessary tools to combat emerging industry players.  

Digital transformation is the key to unlocking the unique opportunities leaders can utilize to future-proof and build resilience for their organizations.

Embiggen, the pioneering international Innovation & Strategy Consulting firm in the Philippines, has partnered with the Asian Institute of Management – School of Executive Education and Lifelong Learning, the prestigious international management school and research institute in Asia, to create the Digital Transformation Fellows Executive Program, which will help future leaders gain exposure and necessary knowledge to guide their organization towards their digital shift. The partnership was sealed via a virtual signing with the following representatives: 

Main Signatories:

  • Rolan Marco Garcia – Founding CEO and Managing Partner, Embiggen Consulting 
  • Dr. Jikyeong Kang – President and Dean, Asian Institute of Management 


  • Earl Valencia – Founding Board Member and Head of Executive Education and Certification, Embiggen Consulting
  • Jose Decolongon – Head and Senior Consultant, Embiggen Consulting
  • Paul Pajo – Founding Board Member and Head of Digital Transformation Solutions, Embiggen Consulting
  • Tom Kosnik – Board of Advisors, Embiggen Consulting
  • Alberto G. Mateo, Jr. – Head, School of Executive Education and Lifelong Learning, Asian Institute of Management 

Embiggen Consulting saw that there was a lack of digital transformation and corporate innovation leadership within the Philippines, evident by the small number of corporations having organizational structures built for digital transformation and corporate innovation.

“Because of that one problem,” said Garcia, “we knew we wanted to offer education programs. We knew we had to educate more digital leaders and innovation leaders, and we wanted to partner with the best institution to do that.”

AIM is hopeful that the program will create promising digital leaders that will help build a new digital economy in Asia upon accomplishing the 15-week course designed to motivate and test enrollees’ strategic foresight and build the leadership skill sets to cope with shifts in the market under diverse digital leaders.

Program participants can expect to gain:

  • Exclusive access to learn from Silicon Valley Innovation and Digital Transformation Industry Leaders through Embiggen Consulting’s Expert Network 
  • Be with a community of Trusted Networks of Digital Transformation Leaders 
  • Exposure to the Latest Knowledge and Thinking 
  • Leading Tools to Accelerate Digital Transformation in your Organization 
  • First-hand Experience in Digital Ecosystems 
  • Exclusive Access to Opportunities as an Alumni 

“In the program, you have exclusive access to digital leaders, and not just access, they are even going to teach you their secrets,” states Garcia, “It will hopefully help corporations in the Philippines and, of course, the participants to become better innovation and digital leaders.” 

For more information about the program and how to participate, click here.

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