Futures Thinking & Strategic Foresight expert joins Embiggen to pioneer Corporate Foresight for enterprise innovation in Emerging Markets

In line with our commitment to building meaningful growth by developing innovation and digital transformation capabilities for progressive organizations in emerging economies, Embiggen Consulting has recently appointed Professor Jose Decolongon, Adjunct Faculty and Professor of Futures Thinking at the prestigious Asian Institute of Management, as Managing Director to pioneer its Corporate Foresight consulting practice. 

Embiggen Consulting is confident that having Professor Decolongon as  Managing Director will further the company goal of increasing digital transformation and innovation leadership within organizations from emerging markets like those in the Philippines.  Embiggen Consulting recognized the lack of digital transformation and innovation leaders in most corporations within the Philippines and has set out to become the pioneering innovation consulting firm that will bring futures thinking to organizations in emerging markets.

“Corporate foresight is an integral part of innovation”, states Jose Decolongon, “It allows leaders to be in a superior market position because they are not just reacting to issues of the present, but also are able to think about new and emergent future possibilities that serve to enrich their organization’s innovation and strategic management processes. 

Professor Decolongon is an Australia Awards Scholar and a graduate of the Master’s Degree program in Supply Chain Innovation from the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia.

Currently, Professor Decolongon teaches Futures Thinking at the Asian Institute of Management where he developed and delivered the first futures thinking course-embedded part of the Master of Innovation in Business program.  Prior to this, has almost two decades of experience working in a multinational environment in senior roles related to back-office operations, business development, continuous improvement, and strategic transformation. He has worked in Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines working on global and regional projects and programs that deliver bottom-line results and also equip the organization to deal with challenges of the future. 

As Managing Director of Corporate Foresight of Embiggen Consulting, Professor Decolongon will work closely with the leadership team of Embiggen as it realizes its vision to be the leading international innovation and digital transformation consulting firm specializing in emerging markets. He will lead the development of Embiggen corporate foresight programs and products, in collaboration with an international network of consultants and practitioners who understand the context and specific challenges faced by organizations in emerging economies. These services will help Embiggen clients drive innovation, digital transformation, and strategy development anchored on a systematic exploration of the future possibilities. 

“Corporate Foresight in the context of innovation in emerging economies is an area where Embiggen can play an instrumental role in unlocking its potential for organizations who are ready to take that bold step in creating their own future”, says Decolongon, “and to contribute as well to the practice and discipline of strategic foresight.”