Top International Innovation Scholar joins Embiggen to lead Innovation Research and Development in Emerging Markets

Continuing our mission to build meaningful growth by developing innovation and digital transformation capabilities for progressive organizations in emerging economies, Embiggen Consulting has appointed Dr. Angelo Romasanta, a postdoctoral researcher at the prestigious ESADE Business School in Spain, as Managing Director for Research to head its Innovation Research and Development. 

Embiggen Consulting believes that having Dr. Romasanta as Managing Director will further the company’s goal of leading innovation and digital transformation within organizations from emerging markets like those in the Philippines. Embiggen Consulting is investing in Innovation Research and Development for emerging economies to help create meaningful data that can help organization leaders implement innovation strategies more effectively through published work by thought leaders in developing countries.

“When you look at the body of knowledge on innovation and management, most of the research is published by scholars from developed countries, studying European and American companies,” says Romasanta, “Management research in markets like the Philippines still is in its early stages.”

Dr. Romasanta’s expertise is in innovation management, particularly, in the commercialization of research and the adoption of novel technologies. He finished his Ph.D. at the Science, Business, and Innovation faculty at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam as a Marie Curie fellow. Previously, he graduated from the Erasmus Mundus Master in Chemical Innovation and Regulation in a consortium of the University of Bologna, Barcelona, and Algarve. 

Currently, as a postdoctoral researcher, he collaborates with the top research organizations in Europe such as the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) to understand how to commercialize their various imaging and detection technologies, under the ATTRACT project. He is also involved in the Science Mesh initiative, a digital infrastructure aiming to facilitate international collaborations across scientists worldwide.

As Managing Director of Innovation Research and Development of Embiggen Consulting, Dr. Romasanta will work closely with the leadership team of Embiggen as it realizes its vision to become the thought leader in innovation strategy specializing in emerging markets. He will develop Embiggen’s management research, starting with the Philippines Corporate Innovation Survey, with his team composed of digital innovation and transformation experts in the emerging economies environment. These services will produce original research that will explore the unique innovation context in emerging countries like the Philippines. Their team will publish research briefs that will translate and adapt existing market research to be useful for executives and managers in developing countries.

“As the head of research at Embiggen, I hope to produce novel and impactful research that can help managers in emerging markets with their innovation challenges,” states Romasanta.