ANZCHAM: Training for tomorrow’s digital economy


Preparing for the digital post-pandemic world with ANZCHAM

The pandemic required businesses to innovate and adopt digital technology in order to continue doing business. Those who didn’t or weren’t able to adapt to the resulting digital economy were left behind by their competitors.

However, new uncertainties and challenges have arisen from the adoption of digital technology during the pandemic. Corporations need to know how to address this new landscape and cater to the new consumer expectations that come with it.

The Australian–New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Philippines (ANZCHAM) wanted to prepare its member organizations for the post-pandemic digital economy.

Our Solution

ANZCHAM partnered with Embiggen to offer a 3-part innovation and digital transformation training program to their member organizations. We conducted a customized program that tackled the following topics:

  1. Developing an innovative corporate culture and mindset
  2. Designing an innovation model and mapping risks
  3. Intrapreneurship and the future of work

Innovation is no simple feat. Before organizations can build resilience against change and improve their preparedness to respond to changes in the new normal, they need to know how to innovate and digitally transform. 

Together with our expert’s innovation and digital transformation insights, these topics help build an organization’s capability to innovate, resulting in an improved capability to respond to the uncertainties of the future.


Building organizations ready for innovation and digital transformation

The program positioned ANZCHAM’s participating partner organizations to be ready to survive and thrive in the new normal. Through the lessons in the program, we gave them the capability and direction to pursue the innovation and digital transformation initiatives needed in the post-pandemic world.

Want to position your organization to thrive in the new normal? Talk to our team to learn more about our customizable innovation and digital transformation learning programs