Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Reese Lim shares how she was able to step out of her comfort zone with the people in Embiggen. She was an associate with the Research & Development department.

Why did you decide to join the Future Innovators Internship Program (FIIP)?

Embiggen offered the most flexible work terms. When I talked to Embiggen for the first time during the internship interview, they were very willing to accommodate my requests and needs. Also, my friends in my school gave very good reviews of the internship program of Embiggen. 

How has the experience been working with expert innovators around the world?

Working with them has been really nice. So far it has been such a wonderful experience because I get to learn a lot from them. One of the things I like is that it feels like an out-of-classroom experience so it feels like a real job. It’s one of those internships that is really worth taking today. 

Embiggen also has a really awesome work culture. For example, I get to talk to Sir Rolan, who is the CEO, directly. I also get to talk with Prof. D, who is the COO. So my network is getting wider. You really get to expose yourself to new people. 

Aside from that, the bosses are really cool. What  I really like about the heads is that even if they’re so accomplished, they never put you down. They always give good criticism and say it in a nice and respectful way, even if I’m just an intern. I feel like they empower you to learn and be more. Instead of finding our flaws, they help us build on our strengths and weaknesses. No one ever put me down. I feel like they’re always willing to help.

How is the work culture in Embiggen?

What I like about working with the people here in Embiggen is the culture of helping each other. For example, for tasks that are just our second priority, we still do a lot to help those who are working on that task. We take a more active role on it, even though it is just a second priority. During an event, when our fellow intern needed help, all of us, no questions asked, were there to do whatever was needed even if it wasn’t part of our job description. Simply put, it’s just helping each other whenever we need help.

Aside from that, I stepped out of my comfort zone to become more of an extrovert. The work culture is so lively so I wanted to be a part and maximize it. Even if I’m an introvert, it was easy for me to mingle with people and get to know them. Everyone was kind, so it was very welcoming.

To summarize, one, I think the people are really friendly. Two, people are really willing to help you no matter what. And three, there are a lot of interns so the experience is really fun because it’s not just you and your supervisor working. You get to talk with other people the same age as you which makes it so much more enjoyable. I haven’t heard of another internship program with this good camaraderie.

What have you gained from working at Embiggen?

I learned about futures thinking and innovation through initiatives like the Ask Me Anything and the journal club. You get to learn about all these new things that you wouldn’t have learned in school. I’ve never heard of futures thinking or strategic foresight in school. I only learned about them in Embiggen.

On the soft skills side, I learned the importance of having initiative. Because Embiggen is a startup, you really have to volunteer and speak your mind and take initiative to do your tasks.

What lessons have you learned from your time in Embiggen’s Future Innovators Internship Program that you can apply in the future?

Embiggen trained me to have initiative, which is something I can apply career-wise. The network is also important. In Embiggen, you get to meet so many important people, you get to interact with clients too. Having a lot of connections can really help you in the workforce.

I also learned the importance of innovation because that’s really what Embiggen wants to teach you. The best way I can put it is wherever you end up, you really need to know how to innovate, and have an innovative mindset. Being innovative isn’t just an action, it is also a mindset. 

What challenges did you face throughout the Future Innovators Internship Program and how did you overcome them?

Sometimes I get lost with the things I have to do and sometimes I’m unsure how to do a task because it hasn’t been done before or because there is not much structure to it yet. There’s a lot of things I had to figure out, but even though that’s the case, the heads are always willing to help. They’re there to give you advice on how to go about things. The organization is also very lean — it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s progress over perfection.

What are your most memorable experiences during the internship program?

It’s really the people. I got to step out of my comfort zone and got to meet and bond with people. I like our sessions like the Future Innovators Internship Program meet-up sessions, and journal club. Even if it’s work, it brings people together. Overall its the work culture and the people in Embiggen.

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