Jumpstarting the Innovation Journey of Telstra Philippines


Building Telstra Philippines’ capability to innovate

Innovation initiatives are risky and prone to failure if everyone in the organization lacks a cohesive understanding of innovation. Before any business can successfully launch and complete an innovation initiative, everyone in the enterprise must have a common understanding of what innovation is.  

Telstra Philippines, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies with a presence in over 20 countries, identified this issue and reached out to Embiggen to jumpstart its innovation journey. We worked with them to equip their workforce with the key innovation knowledge and skills to drive innovation initiatives within the organization.

Our Solution

Embiggen laid the groundwork for Telstra Philippines’ innovation journey. We conducted an enterprise innovation audit to analyze the organization’s innovation processes, strategies, and culture.  Telstra Philippines’ leaders, supervisors and business units participated in the audit where we determined the organization’s innovation maturity and capability to innovate. 

Our corporate innovation experts helped Telstra Philippines understand the results of the audit and its implications on the organization. Most importantly, the audit identified pain points and opportunities which the organization can use to further improve its capability to innovate. Furthermore, we crafted and conducted a learning program to help build Telstra Philippines’ innovation capabilities based on the audit’s results.

Over 300 business unit leads and team heads of the corporation participated in two 4-hour-long learning sessions. We covered a wide range of innovation topics to help get Telstra Philippines started on its innovation journey including: 

  1. Establishing a common definition and understanding of innovation
  2. Understanding common innovation frameworks and methodologies
  3. Examining innovation case studies
  4. Conducting ‘Elevator Pitches’

Having the ability to do ‘elevator pitches’ is a key skill for innovators to have in order to distill and sell their ideas to their organization. The participants were able to hone this skill through an active learning activity where they were divided into teams, created a relevant and timely innovation idea that addresses a pressing issue in their business units, and pitched it in under 30 seconds. 


Jumpstarting innovation within Telstra Philippines

A post-engagement assessment revealed that Telstra Philippines is in a better position to innovate than ever before.  The learning sessions equipped the organization with a common understanding of innovation, and the skills they need to successfully carry out innovation initiatives. 

They are now well underway in their innovation journey, with an ignited drive to innovate and disrupt their industry. Telstra Philippines is ready to create quality innovation ideas that will create meaningful growth for the business far into the future. 

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